L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Review 

As soon as the L’Oréal Infallible campaign hit my Instagram feed I knew the collection would soon be in my make up bag. On Saturday I was going to London in the evening for a friend’s birthday, the perfect excuse to buy and try out some new make up right!? So I headed to Boots (who are currently offering 3for2 on all L’Oréal beauty products) and shoved them straight into my basket without a second look at the price (this is not because I have endless amounts of money, I just knew that whatever the cost they were coming home with me, even if it meant living off ice soup for the rest of the month.) The three products I decided to go with was the Infallible total cover foundation (Golden Sand), Infallible Mattifying Base primer, and Infallible total cover concealer palette. So lets get on with the reviews shall we…

Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Let’s start with…YES. YES. YES. One of my main concerns when I bought this was the coverage, whether my face would look ‘too caked’ the sort of caked make up look you’d rock in year 9 at school. But I’m happy to report, it covered my skin beautifully. It managed to cover the multiple spots that decided to appear through the week and even tackled my uneven skin tone around my cheeks. The one negative would be that although the foundation didn’t look heavy it certainly felt it.

Verdict ★★★★☆
Infallible Mattifying Base

Now my primer collection isn’t the hugest as I only started using primer a year ago (I know, GASP!) but from the few I have tried I’d say this is by far my favourite. It applies so smoothly, effortlessly and when mixed with the cover foundation, creates the perfect matte finish. I haven’t used it with any other foundations yet but I’m hoping it will provide the same effect.

Verdict ★★★★★
Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette

The cover concealer palette has 2 colour correcting shades and 3 different concealer shades to suit all skin tones and types. There is a lilac shade that brightens dark circles and dullness and the green shade reduces redness. After what felt like the longest week of my life, I used the lilac shade to cover the hideous black hammocks under my eyes and then the medium shade on top of that. Afterwards, my under eyes did look very airbrushed but it did take a long time to blend. A bit of advice would be to start off with a little amount and slowly build it up from there.

Verdict ★★★★☆

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