5 major things I’ve learnt in my 20’s so far…

Some friends are forever and some are for right now.

I had a number of friends when I was younger, friends who I would call my ‘BFFL’S’ which we all know means ‘best friend for life’ but how many am I speaking to now? probably 2. Over the years friends have come and gone, some due to growing apart and some have turned out not to be a friend in the first place. Growing up I quickly learnt that when it comes to friends it’s about quality, not quantity.

You may not be married with twins by 25.

I’m not too sure who to blame this one on, Disney princesses or my own naivety. As a young girl my plan was to meet Mr. right at 20ish, married at 24 and become a super cool MILF by 25. Well I may have found Mr. Right but I’m certainly not married and the thought of having children within the next year terrifies me and thats cool. When I was  younger, 25 seemed OLD but it’s not. It’s young and I’m going to enjoy it.

Nights in are way more fun than night out.

Oh take me back to the days where I spent all my EMA money on ciders and jagerbombs at the pub…NOT. Sure nights out can be a lot of fun but theres nothing worst than waking up in the morning with a sore head, anxiety and bank account fear. Instead, I prefer to order a pizza, get in a few bottles of prosecco with my nearest and dearest and watch a film. Sure I may still wake up with a sore head but my bank account loves me and I don’t spend hours trying to put together the missing pieces of the night before.

Focus on your own success.

If I got paid for the amount of time I spent comparing myself to others, I would be a billionaire. But looking through other peoples Instagram, Facebook and wishing I had something they had didn’t get me anywhere. Comparing my body to a super models didn’t make me thin, Comparing my blogs to others didn’t make me a better blogger and secretly wishing I had someone else’s job didn’t land me my dream one. You get out what you put in, so instead of spending hours dreaming of having something someone else has, I focus on what I have.

You may not have your shit together, but thats ok.

I’m sitting here at 24 writing this post about all the things I have learnt in my 20’s but I certainly do not have my shit together. Within 5 minutes of my wage hitting my bank account I’m in my overdraft, I spend a stupid amount on rent and the only house I could afford right now is a Wendy house. I’ve been writing my novel now for over a year and I’m still on chapter one. But you know what, it’s OK. I  I still have a long way to go but I’m excited for the journey.



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