“Oh. My. God.” I went to FRIENDSFEST.

Anyone who knows me knows that watching Friends has taken up a good 20% of my life so far and I don’t think that will ever change. The rage that burns inside me when someone says ‘Oh i’ve never seen it’ or ‘I don’t think it’s that funny’ is indescribable. Friends is the only TV show to successfully me me laugh through a break up or days that just aren’t that great. There was a time I could only ever get to sleep with friends on the tele. So when I saw they were making a whole festival dedicated to friends I knew I needed to go.

You could say the day didn’t start very well. We got there a bit early and one of the friends I was going with had the tickets, so me and my other friend sat outside FriendsFest for an hour watching all the giddy fans go in and enjoy. It was like watching random people get ushered through the gates to heaven and we were just sitting there on the sidelines with no food or drink. An hour had passed and we were absolutely gasping for a glass of prosecco or anything a bit more alcoholic than the warm bottle of water that had been in my bag for like 12 hours but HEY HO. In the end enough was enough and we went and charmed the security guard who let us in (by charmed I mean freaked out with my tear filled eyes)

So we got in and it was so worth it!!! I looked to my left and saw Central Perk and to my right was a giant screen playing friends clips. We had our tour at 4pm and we got in at 10 to so we had to rush to the tent where the sets were set up. When we first walked into the tent we got given 10 minutes to walk around a friends museum with real props and outfits worn by the cast; I’d truly never understood people who got super excited and emotional in museums but I did now. I again became teary eyed but this time they were happy tears. Then the tour guide called us in to our first set, Chandler and Joeys apartment and I honestly was lost for words. Those who know me know that my favourite animal is penguins and the one penguin I’ve always wanted to meet was Huggsy and he was there!!! Then we moved onto Monica’s apartment and the hallway, I was half expecting the whole cast to be in there but sadly they weren’t. The tour definitely lived up to its expectations and not too many people were on it which was a massive bonus, although there was one couple who were one photograph behind us every time so we were constantly in the way of them, bit awks!

When we came out of the tour it’s safe to say we were GASPING for a cocktail, prosecco, ANYTHING…OH and food of course so we rushed off to the food van where they sold Ross’s Sandwich! And just because I can’t eat it doesn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate it. We hoovered down the food within minutes and immediately ran over to the booze van and ordered a bottle of prosecco, best thing about it is they kept it chilled for us in the fridge and put our name on it, it’s like a bloody Starbucks but for fizz! We sat down at the table with our drinks (which later my friend spilt all over me and my bag) and took part in a friends quiz.

It got to about half 5 and we realised we hadn’t done Central Perk and the famous umbrella scene, so we rushed over there and 748393920 photos later we were satisfied. It got to about half 7 and it closed at 8 so we just headed off back into the real world.

Overall the FriendsFest was AMAZING. Not a lot there in terms of food and stalls but they have everything a Friends lover would need and I know 100% I’ll be buying multiple tickets next year and if you’re a fan of the show, I recommend you do the same!

P.s try and ignore the giant ladder in my tights in some of the pictures. Strangely they don’t sell them in there.

L x


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