Down to Earth: My first experience of a vegan restaurant

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE MY FOOD and no longer eat meat, so when James asked if I’d like to try out a Vegan restaurant close by I jumped online straight away and started checking out the menu. When he said vegan restaurant I don’t really know what sort of food I’d expected to see but it certainly wasn’t food like this…


Yes I know right?! I bet you’re now craving a burger. It was fair to say they’d drawn me in with the menu and a wet floor sign went next to my desk for the rest of the day warning people not to slip in my puddle of drool  ?

We walked inside and I don’t know really what I expected to see decor wise, loads of plants, maybe a hippie vibe but it wasn’t like that at all. The decor was simple, classic, almost like a diner type of vibe and there were various types of people, families with little children, couples and groups of friends who were just grabbing a bite to eat after a shopping spree, I immediately felt comfortable. I don’t know why I thought I may not fit in, it sounds ridiculous but I thought maybe they’d sense I wasn’t vegan, I may not eat meat but I still eat fish, cheese and have a splash of milk in my tea.


So lets get to the important part…the food. We all know restaurants can make their website, menu and establishment look fancy and appealing but you can’t eat the menu, tables or chairs (although I’m sure some of us have been hungry enough to try right?!) Ok so James and I were absolutely starving! We picked up the menus so quick I almost gave myself a paper cut. I wanted to try them all but in the end I settled for a Big Earth burger, air fries, homemade candy floss soda and popcorn chicken (OH YES you read that right, POPCORN CHICKEN!!) I hadn’t had popcorn chicken for years so a portion of these were a must. The food came out in good time and the service was great! Friendly and smiley staff. My first bite of that burger is a bite I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, so good! The beef style Pattie was delicious, along with the gherkins and burger sauce (it sort of reminded me of a tastier and healthier Big Mac), the air fries were ‘air fried’ to perfection and last but certainly not least (actually the best dish of the meal) was the popcorn chicken, my goodness! They were little balls of heaven, James who’s a meat eater even was surprised by how nice they were; what I’d do right now for a portion of those.


The trip to Earth definitely opened by eyes and I wouldn’t say I’ll be going vegan tomorrow but I’d definitely say I’m more open to the idea of it and know now that being vegan isn’t just eating veg and you don’t have to miss out on the meals you enjoy. The menu snap above is just a snippet of what they have to offer at Earth, so if this post has got you in the mood for some serious munch, check out their full menu at 

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