My 2018 goals and why I’m being more realistic this year

I can’t believe I’m writing this as it only feels like yesterday I was wondering where 2017 would take me. To put it into context, 2017 was like falling into a ditch of shit head first and then being rescued by a handsome fireman. The year started positive, my last year on the right side of my twenties and it felt like nothing was going to get in my way. However a few months later…BOOM a meteor hit, my whole world erupted and my self-confidence got caught in the crossfire. Then slowly I began to build myself back up and started to feel a little more like myself with the help of moving home, welcoming the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever set eyes on and starting a new job.

After that, I learnt that each year is unpredictable and would never be made easier by setting myself unachievable and strict resolutions. I remember one year I told myself I would lose like 3 stone in a few months by eating clean constantly with no cheat days only to be disappointed and left feeling like a crappy person when I’d reached for the last Jaffa cake in the office 1 week in, meaning I completely gave up, didn’t believe in myself and ended up putting on half a stone instead.

So this year I’ve decided to bin off dry January/new year fad diets and set myself realistic goals which I know will take time to progress and then hopefully by the end of the year I will have achieved what I wanted to or at least be a little closer than I am now.

Eat less pizza and do more squats

Now I’m not going to be giving up pizza altogether, that would be ludicrous but cutting down from 2 a week to 2 a month is a good start right?

Commit more time to blogging & writing

I’ve been neglecting my blog ever since I bloody started it and I’m fed up of feeling like an occasional blogger and writer. Also, I started my novel a year ago and I am only halfway through chapter two so I need to get my head down if I’m ever going to be an author of multiple bestsellers by 30 (AHH 30, I just threw up a little bit.)

Calm down a little bit on the booze

Every girl loves a glass of prosecco (well all my girls at least) but I need to calm down. Having to lie in your doctors questionnaire when asked how many units you drink a week is not ok.

Read more books

I’ve always been a lover of books, I mean they’re my life ambition but I don’t put enough time aside to read them. I’ll buy them and then shove them in the bookshelf.

Learn to budget and save money

Which brings me onto my next goal, stop spending so much money on books, clothes and pizza and instead pay off my clothes and pizza debts and save for a house like a true adult.

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