Why everyone should experience Budapest

Before I first visited a year and a half ago, Budapest was never top of my travel wish list and that’s because truthfully I didn’t know ANYTHING about it.  I’d experienced my first city breaks the year before in Barcelona and Amsterdam which were incredible but I’d heard a lot about them beforehand so already expected them to be amazing whereas with Budapest I had no high expectations. So when I got there and explored the stunning architectural buildings, sipped tea and coffee with the coolest pussy cats in town (I’ll get onto that a bit later) and drank crazy cocktails in ruin bars decorated with fairy lights and lanterns (who doesn’t love fairy lights?!) I instantly fell in love and knew it would always be a city close to my heart.

Now fast forward a year later to two best friend lazying about schoffing their face full on snacks whilst trying to figure out what to get their partners for Christmas. I knew that her partner had said he’d like to check out Budapest because he’d heard good things (most likely from my partner and I) I suggested that she booked an Airbnb there and got some cheap flights to surprise him and she thought it was a great idea; then I began to reminisce and suggested we all go and I could surprise my boyfriend too (our boyfriends had been great friends before we even came into their lives which is why we knew they’d love it) so we decided that was definitely the plan and both started sending each other Airbnb’s. I’m a firm believer that booking an air bnb is a must when it comes to city breaks, it ends up being much cheaper than a hotel and gives you more of an opportunity to mix with the locals. After a few days searching we finally decided on one and booked the flights and home together. For those that want to have a nosey at where we stayed here it is https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/15315

We’ve been home a week now and these Budapest blues just don’t seem to be going away. It was the best trip EVER, we managed to fit so much into four days, even a 3am mcdonalds trip (the others really didn’t have a choice, I was in charge of maps and just started running there) and IT SNOWED! So i thought I’d share with you some of the reasons why this beautiful city should be on your radar.


Food glorious foooooooood. Nah but on a serious note the restaurants here are amazeballs. We ate out for every meal, meaning we visited a lot of diners/restaurants and my all time favourite ones were…

  • Zeller Bistro
  • Iguana Bar & Grill
  • Il Terzo Cerchio
  • Sophie & Bens Bistro


Do you know that feeling when you sink into a steamy hot bath? Imagine doing that with hundreds of people already in there, sounds gross right? But don’t worry the stunning views and atmosphere more than make up for it. Oh and if you’re suffering from a sore head after a few too many wines the night before, you’ll enter feeling like shrek but come out feeling like a princess.


Ok yes, the majority of castles are beautiful but out of all the ones I’ve visited, Budapest Castle has to be the most visually striking. The views overlooking the entire city once you reach the top are indescribable.


Who knew how much animals were loved in Budapest. The amount of dogs we saw walking the streets, often without a lead but sticking close to their owners side was unbelievable but the best bit about it all is the animal cafes. Admittedly I’ve only ever been to the Cat Cafe but there’s also a Zoo Cafe with different types of animals and a cat pub called Whiskers (have you ever heard anything so adorable?!) There’s something so satisfying about drinking a hot chocolate in a cafe with loads of cats purring around you.


One of the things I was most excited about when I knew I would be going back to Budapest was the ruin bars. Basically these are bars built in the ruins of abandoned buildings, decorated with fairy lights and filled with antique furniture. The most popular ruin is Szimpla Kert and I can see why; the atmosphere when you walk in is incredible! You walk in to a big open courtyard, filled with people dancing to music and open bars down either side. There’s even a large screen in the back that plays black and white music what more could you want?


Can you really visit a foreign country and not experience a market? There’s something about the tacky goods and food on offer that bring us brits so much joy.


  1. March 2, 2018 / 9:27 am

    You’re pictures are so nice! I’m excited to go to Budapest in June now after reading this post! x

    • laurendepass
      March 2, 2018 / 9:39 am

      Budapest is my favourite city EVER! Honestly so beautiful, if you need any recommendations let me know, I have plenty. You will love it!! Xx

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