Why should we be ashamed of our curves?

If there’s one thing I absolutely HATE in this society, it’s body shaming and our constant obsession with how much we weigh. People telling you to lose a few pounds but at the same time I think we can be our own worst bodyshamer of all, constantly asking ourselves  ‘Do I look fat in this?’ & when people compliment how amazing we look responding with ‘Are you joking? I’ve put on so much weight’ The constant fad diets promoted throughout the internet, the lack of plus size models and the over edited photos that circle Instagram get on my wick and admittedly make me question my size and curves A LOT. It doesn’t matter how much your friends tell you how fantastic you look, there are a lot of us out there that mentally can’t process how we look positively.

Growing up I was the skinniest thing you’d ever seen, I even had my body compared to an ironing board at one point but I didn’t care, I was young, free and the biggest problem I had was choosing between 5 freddos or a 50p goody bag but then puberty hit I had grown a set of double d’s by 11 and it seemed my hips had widened overnight. Looking back I can actually pinpoint the exact moment I began feeling ashamed of my body; I was on a school trip in year 6, we all had to shower together and I was so ashamed, I hid in the bedroom and waited for all the others girls to go first before going in. Ever since, I’ve struggled with my weight and curves, going up a dress size every couple of years and even now I feel embarrassed when people ask me what size I am but why the fuck should I?

For too many years my mental health has been heavily affected by my own insecurities, dreading social events and avoiding full length photos; a couple of years ago I even enquired about a breast reduction because I was constantly being told my boobs made me look much bigger than I was and I thought that would be the solution to all my problems.

Heres a couple of my favourite back handed compliments…

‘I couldn’t imagine you not being chubby, it’s who you are, it suits your personality’

’You look amazing, you could be a model, you’d have to be a plus size one though.’

So the question that I will constantly ask myself and everyone else until society sorts itself out is why should a dress size define who we are and how we feel about ourselves? As long as you’re healthy and take care of yourself then you should rock the figure you have and learn to embrace your curves, which is exactly what I plan to do.

It is time to start loving our lumps and bumps and here’s 3 little ways I plan to do it…

  • STOP hiding behind baggy clothes
  • STOP comparing my body to those who spend hours editing theirs
  • STOP jumping on the latest fad diet wagon



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