TECHNIC: Review & First Impressions

‘Gimme gimme gimme’ were the exact words I used when I received my Technic Cosmetics package in the post. I’d heard great things about the brand and after clearing out A LOT of make up due to it not being cruelty free, my make up back was starting to look a little bit on the empty but is the hype real or is it simply great marketing? Well by the end of this post you’re going to know the answer.

Let’s start with the make up bag, firstly lets just appreciate the slogan ‘too glam to give a damn’ if there was such a thing as a spirit make up bag, then this would be mine but the thing that impressed me the most is how much you can actually fit in it, Ok you may not be able to fit your whole collection in there, however you could definitely fit a large chunk of it; just to give you an idea, every piece that I’m reviewing fit in together and there’s still a room for a few more lipsticks.

Now let’s talk make up…

Colour Max: Nude Edition Lipsticks

Anyone who knows me, follows me or sees me stolling down the street knows I love lipstick and until recently it was the bolder the better and you’d never catch me buying nudes but within the last month or so I’ve been experimenting a bit more with different shades and have grown to love a subtle nude lip. One thing i really appreciate is when lipsticks have flat tops (have no idea what the technical make up term is for this) I just find them much easier to apply. I love love love the shades but I’d say they’re quite pinky and I’m not sure pink shades suit me but they’re beautiful, it almost feels as though they moisturise your lips like a lip balm and they smell absolutely divine like a bag of pick and mix. My favourite of the three has to be Stripped as it’s the darkest shade of them all.

From left to right: Stripped, Expose & Babe Don’t Care

Metalix Cream Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is every girls secret weapon. Up until 2016 I only ever wore eyeliner and them BAM I was introduced to eyeshadow and that’s when my obsession began. Admittedly I’ve never tried cream eyeshadows, I usually head straight for the palettes so I was so excited and intrigued when I recieved these. The colours are lush and two of the shades could even double up as a highlighter, I was so surprised by the texture and glossy finish and they all dried beautifully. If you’re looking to make a statement, then these shades are for you.

From top to bottom: Champagne For Everybody, Halo & Plum Pudding

Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder

These definitely achieve what they set out to achieve and with a name like 24ct Gold I wouldn’t expect anything less. I used my fingers to swatch below and I didn’t need to go in a second time. The only thing i would say is the Pink sparkle is a bit too pink for me personally and I’m not 100% confident it suits my skin tone.

Strobe FX Cream: Sunkissed

I am in love. This is one of those everyday, walking to the corner shop looking like a glowing goddess type of highlighters and it is so buildable; I can’t wait to show it off! I think I prefer the cream highlighters simply because of the texture, I’d say its very similar to the eyeshadow which is why I’ll be testing it out as a cream eyeshadow too! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I’ll take 10.

Strobe Kit: Cream & Powder Highlighters(Bronze)

I have a few highlighter kits by different brands but I have to say out of all of them, this one is definitely up there at top spot. With some other highlighters I find myself having to dig into them so hard they end up cracking because the shades aren’t pigmented enough but not this one. I always test highlighters by swatching very gently to see how effective they really are. This kit takes you somewhere between having a subtle glow to a full on unicorn.

Browmazing: Eyebrow Gel (Black/Brown)

Brows are my main accessory, if I ever only have 2 minutes to spare to get ready, I’d spend them doing my brows. ‘They frame your whole face’ is not a myth, it’s a fact. It’s so easy to end up with bad brow tools; whether that’s an off shade, clumpy formula or a crappy brush but when it comes to the good stuff you will usually find it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg well not anymore, this browmazing kit is just that BROWMAZING. It comes with a small little brush and a liquid formula. Oh and for those who love to squat, it’s workout proof!

Skinny Liner (Black)

When I was younger, I believed the thicker the line the better and I even remember using an eyeliner pen that had some sort of fat crayon tip, it was tragic. Now I’m all about the skinny eyeliner, the skinnier the pen the better and the easier it is to apply. One thing I absolutely HATE is when it states black on the label but when you come to use it it’s grey, what the hell is that about? Well there’s no doubting this colour, its JET BLACK and I’m chuffed.

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