Swapping nights out for nights in

Stumbling out of spoons, making a new best friend in the loo and having a friend hold your hair back whilst the 5 tequilas you’d had that night make a reappearance, the majority of us have been there, right?

Growing up we were all so desperate to have a night out, so much so we’d even settle for meeting a few mates at the local park to drink cheap cider (who remembers Frosty Jacks?!) however, we get to an age where that desire to hit the town begins to fade; I’m not saying that we retire to our armchairs to spend our evenings knitting and drinking tea (although admittedly, I do this quite a lot.) It’s like one day we wake up and put our metaphorical grown up pants on and those messy, loud and crowded clubs just don’t do it for us anymore. This started happening for me when Indiana Bones, my adorable Chocolate Labrador puppy came bounced into my life; don’t get me wrong, there is still the odd Saturday night where I crave those sticky floors, crap wine and shoulder barges to get to the bar but then when I get out, I realise that its just that, it’s being pushed out of the way by a stranger, floors covered in other peoples wasted Jagerbombs and horrible wine that cost me more than a bottle would from Aldi.

That’s why I’ve started to switch my nights out for nights in and here are a few ways I make them extra special

Dinner parties

Invite round a handful of your favourite people, crack on the stove and pour the wine. Don’t go making it too fancy and spend half the evening in the kitchen; keep it simple with something like a spaghetti bolognese and a few garlic breads, remember it’s all about having a laugh with your friends, you’re not on come dine with me.

Games night

Monopoly, cards against humanity, articulate, these are a few of my favourite games and no matter who is round I will make them play (I’m super competitive and that meme that you see floating around the internet with the person flipping the board off the table…Yup, that’s me) so usually people are reluctant to play but 8/10 times no boards are flipped and we end up having an incredible time! A few weekends ago I was invited round a friend’s house for a girls night in and it was a blast! Not once did we have to put the telly on for lack of things to say; I cannot tell you the last time I laughed that hard.

Movies & trash TV

Sometimes all you need is a few soppy films and a barrel of popcorn. One of the best ways to make your movie night a hit is to create your very own little cinema. Once James and I had no plans all weekend and I really fancied doing something but instead of going down the pub or heading to the cinema; we pitched up a tent in our spare room, gathered all the blankets and pillows we could find and snuggled in. To this day, it is one of the most romantic nights I’ve ever had.

Cocktail making

One thing you can’t beat, especially in the summertime is a cocktail. Instead of hitting the town and emptying your bank account on over priced cocktails, hunt around in your cupboards and make your own. Even if it taste like vomit, I guarantee you’ll of had fun creating it or who knows you may just discover the next Martini.

Switching off

We all need time to rejuvenate, to recharge our batteries and what better way to do that than running yourself a bath or reading a book. My absolute go to when I have the house to myself is running a hot bath, putting on some fresh pjs, curling up under the duvet on the sofa and finding a new series to binge (WARNING…you may find yourself is the exact position 24 hours later.)

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