My first vegan Easter

For the past 25 years, Easter had always been about chocolate and how much you could eat before throwing up but this year everything was different because 6 weeks ago, I decided to go vegan. Ever since, people keep asking me ‘what do you miss the most?’ ‘How do you live without cheese and chocolate?’ And My answer has always been ‘nothing’ and ‘quite easily’ which in all honesty is the truth but there were always two holidays in the back of my mind that I was slightly aprihensive about and they were Easter and Christmas. I had been pescatarian for 2 years before so I was never worried about the meat side of things it was picturing my whole family schoffing their faces with chocolate and speciality cheeses; it’s all well and good not craving it on a daily basis but it’s not everyday that your whole cupboard and fridge is packed full of Easter eggs and cheese platters.

This year James, Indy and I headed up north to spend a whole week with the family, plus the baby stork had been and dropped of a great nephew who I desperately wanted to snuggle. The only problem is my family are all chocoholics and with my mum having 15+ Grandchildren, in past years she would often get each of them an Easter egg, we would eat them all and then she would head out to get replacements (even as I write this my niece is sitting next to me stuffing her face full of Twirl.) I had mentioned to James is passing a few times that I’d love to try a vegan Easter egg and he delivered!! The egg itself is 60% cocoa which I loved because I usually find dark chocolate too bitter and the treats at the bottom were mint chocolates; by far the best chocolate I’ve had in a long time!

We spent evenings having dinner with friends, playing board games and days out walking around the yorkshire dales with family.

To be honest, there hasn’t been one single moment I’ve been tempted to cave. At the end of the day, Easter may be a time to pig out which as a vegan you still can do (I’ve been through the mcdonalds drive through three times this Easter – please don’t judge me) but the thing I’ve most enjoyed is spending time with friends and family. I’m not longer nervous about Christmas or any other holiday for that matter – all in all Easter was a huge success!

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