Finding the right balance: working full-time & running a blog

Taking up extra hobbies whilst working full-time can be a struggle. Sometimes the working week can drag, 5 days can feel like 5  years and all we want to do when we finish work is curl up on the sofa with a duvet and a tub of ice cream.

This year I decided to invest more time in A Yorkshire Soul, which I’ve been absolutely loving but this last month I’ve been struggling to find the right balance and we all know, there’s a fine line when it comes to finding the right balance otherwise life can start to feel like you’re pouring too much milk in your cereal, soggy, tasteless and disapointing.

So on top of working full-time, running a blog, writing a book and trying to maintain a social life, I recently landed my dream job (YAY ME!) which will soon be my full-time job but until it is, I’ve been working evening and weekends to get a head start (did I mention it’s for the same company I currently work for?) to say things have been hectic would be an understatement which is why I’ve been a little quiet lately. The last month has been mentally and physically exhausting but enough of the excuses. Life will constantly throw situations like this at you, situations where you have work a lot harder, I just need to push myself and learn to find that balance.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve slipped on planning, instead I’ve allowed my thoughts to swoosh around in my brain at 1000 miles an hour, which we all know…results in nothing getting done. There may be evenings I have to work late for my new role which means I need to focus on the weekends, skip the Sunday Netflix binge and write posts to schedule for the week. It’s time to make better use of my diary…all it takes is a bit of forward thinking.


I’m not a morning person. Well, when I eventually get out of bed..I’m happy but it’s the getting out of bed part I struggle with. There’s something about a warm bed, fluffy duvet and cuddly puppy that makes me want to stay in there all day. But if I was to get up even an hour earlier, I would get way more done, including a blog post and my brain does tend to work a bit better in the morning after a hot cuppa.


We can all get so easily distracted, for me all it takes is a slice of pizza, a crime show on Netflix or an invite to spoons. Something that I should try is turning off my phone, turning of the tele and writing in silence. Ok silence may be a step too far, maybe a little bit of music.





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