Top 5 Netflix shows to binge-watch

You know those feelings of tiredness and emotional deflation that seem to creep in towards the end of the week? Yeah me too. Sometimes all we need is an extra-large pack of ginger nuts, a steaming hot cuppa and a binge-worthy show on Netflix. There are so many shows I’m loving on Netflix at the moment, this list could have been 10 pages long which is why I’ve chosen 5 easy to watch series, the kind you can slouch back on the sofa and watch with a hangover.


New Years Day 2018, many of us woke up with a chronic headache from too many G&T’s the night before but we also woke up to the best news in the world; FRIENDS had finally hit Netflix. It had been available on US Netflix for years but they finally noticed that the UK needed it too. I’m not even going to describe this show because I’m sure 99% of you will have seen it. Before it came to Netflix I’d never seen them all in order, all the previous times had been on E4 or stolen series disks from my niece (Sorry Xanthe!) but watching it from start to finish felt like I was watching it for the first time.

Jane The Virgin

I’d avoided this one for years, whenever I saw the adverts on E4 all I thought was ‘OO a virgin gets pregnant, who does she think she is…Virgin Mary?!’ But after seeing it come up on Netflix, I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. It’s such an easy comedy to watch and there’s also a touch of mystery which I love. This series has made me laugh (like actually laugh out loud which I rarely do during TV shows) cry, and gasp, so, if you haven’t seen it already, add it to your to watch list. #TeamRafael

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Ever seen a TV show that’s a musical but mocks musicals at the same time? Yeah it’s a bit complicated but it’s so so good. Many of us have been there; fall in love with boy, boy dumps us, we turn crazy, follow them to the other side of the country and mingle yourself into their friendship group while secretly trying to make him see you’re the one for him, no? This is honestly one of the funniest shows I’ve seen and I fell in love with each and every character. Just give it a go…unless you seriously hate people randomly bursting into song.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

This show gives me empowerment, fierce, queen realness. Ever seen America’s next top model? It’s basically that but funnier and with drag queens. The only thing that winds me up is that Ru Paul looks better in make up than me. There‘s a lot to catch up on, 10 seasons to be exact so you’d better get going. SASHAY AWAY!

Queer Eye

YAS YAS YAS! I’d been told by various people to give this one a go and I’m so happy I caved. I’ve never seen a show that’s so uplifting but funny at the same time. It’s basically five guys who travel around America giving guys who have no confidence, style or charisma a make over and completely changing their life. I cried at every episode but I also smiled and laughed at every episode too. You will fall in love with all five men and every single guy they make over. Hooked from episode one.

What you waiting for? Go and enjoy the shows and if you know of any good ones that are not on this list, let me know. I’m always on the look out for something new to binge.

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