Four things owning a dog has taught me

I can’t believe Indy turned one two weeks ago. We first met Indy when he was just 3 days old, his eyes weren’t even open and as soon as we cuddled the little fella, we knew he was ours. Fast forward 7 weeks and he was home with us, causing mischief from day one. I’d never had a dog before, always cats, but over the years my love for dogs grew, to the point where if I see a dog in the street I stop, I scream ‘DOGGY!’ And rush over, despite all my knowledge on stranger danger. Sure, you know the basics, the puppy is most likely going to pee and poo on your floors, nip and bite when playing, leaving you to cry and wonder whether you’ve picked up the devil reincarnated in dog form and they’re going to eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING but there’s a lot of things I didn’t know, things that I only learnt once Indy came into my life, things I didn’t expect to learn from him.

My maternal instinct is stronger than Britney Spears, circa 2000

Now I’m not saying that owning a dog is the same as having a child but both little bundles of joy need taking care of and are utterly dependent on you. I’ve always known I wanted children and lots of them but I had no idea intense the urge to protect would. It’s bad enough when somebody say’s they’re not a dog person when I show them a picture of my dog.

You can get shit loads done in the morning

Before Indy, I would barely wake up on the weekends before 11am but with a bouncy puppy licking your face and jumping all over you at 8am, what you gonna do? Even if I spend a couple of hours writing, catching up on soaps or doing a bit of cleaning, my days just seem so much longer and more productive.

I’m more patient than I give myself credit for

Having a dog constantly poop on your floor, stand on your boob and knock over your wine glass is gonna test your patience (OK, I may have cried when he spilt my wine) but I’ve been super surprised about how patient I can be, although I don’t think I’d have the same reaction if someone else did any of the above.

We all have irrational fears

Indy has only just turned one, so he is still a puppy: what do puppies do? Get super excited, bark, try to be friends with everybody. Well the amount of times people have jumped out of the way and been terrified at Indy’s bark is crazy. I know he’s the dog who licked a guinea pig in the face, enjoys a spoon and gives sloppy kisses in the morning but there are people who see him and think he’s a monster. Don’t judge a dog by their bark people.

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