The health benefits of knitting

Ok, I admit it. I’m a closet knitter and I absolutely love it, so much so I’ve got a tattoo of it. I go through phases of starting blankets and not finishing them. It’s the actual knitting part I fell in love with. Looking back, I remember when I first was intrigued by knitting, watching my Nan’s little fingers work away and days later she’d suddenly present the comfiest looking baby cardigan. After asking my mum (who never wanted to learn) to teach me, I went to my nan and she was happy to help; although she quickly regretted this 10 minutes later after I kept telling her she was going too fast for me to see what she was doing. Over the years I’ve met friends who equally love knitting as much as me and my best friend and used to have little knitting afternoon. I’ve been out of the yarn and needle game for a while now and need to get back into it as when I go through my knitting faze, my mind is in a much more stable place. After researching all the benefits knitting has on not just your physical but mental health I wanted to share some with you…

Manages chronic pain

We can all experience intense physical pain, whether it’s a period, IBS or recovering from an injury; well it has been proven that knitting releases serotonin, a chemical in the brain that acts as a natural painkiller. I suffer almost daily with stomach pains and in those knitting periods it’s not only distracted me from the pain but also after time the pains went from a sharp stab to a small prick.

Keeps you calm

A low level of serotonin is linked to depression and anxiety, something I experienced for many years so with knitting increasing your serotonin level it’s been proven to lift your mood. They say knitting is as effective as yoga and other meditation techniques. On those lonely nights in when you don’t want to move from the sofa but you also don’t want to be alone, knitting can be the best company. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence.

A long lasting memory

Tired of having a memory like a fish? Get knitting. With knitting, you constantly have to remember what you’re doing, did you just knit one or purl one? Practice makes perfect so the more you excersise the memory part of your brain the more it should improve.

Keeps those fingers active

Let’s talk about arthritis. A lot of people believe you can only get arthritis when you’ve passed 60. Wrong. Arthritis can affect all age groups and knitting is great to prevent it in your fingers and if you already suffer it’s a great way to ease the symptoms as according to The Arthritus Foundation, knitting is like a sport, a warm up before it get’s started.

After reading the above, if you’d like to get into knitting, feel free to message me with any questions and get yourself down to the charity shops, they sell great wool and knitting needles for dirt cheap.


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