My Santa Wishlist Came True Courtesy Of Debenhams

Yes, it’s barely November yet and I’m already thinking of the ‘C’ word but if it was up to me the bells would start jingling as soon as the first leaf falls. No matter how much you’d prefer the Christmas talk to stay in December, one thing that can’t wait until December is your Christmas shopping.

Every year is the same, friends and family ask you ‘Is there anything you want for Christmas?’ ‘Is there anything you need?’ And each year your response is along the lines of ‘Erm….not sure.’

Well how easy would it be if everything you wanted and/or needed, even bits you didn’t even think you needed or wanted were available in one place. From stocking fillers to luxury gifts, Debenhams has everything to put a smile on your face this Christmas.

Santa dropped by early this year after making a pit stop at Debenhams and delivered all of these wonderful gifts from my Santa Wishlist and I LOVE THEM ALL!


I don’t know about you but throughout the year I scrimp and scrape when it comes to beauty products but when I place the word Christmas in front of make up, I search for nothing but luxury. My all time favourite beauty brand is Too Faced, not only is it completely cruelty free and vegan but the quality is out of this world. The foundation I’ve tried many of times and you’ll always see a tear fall from my eye as I apply the last drop to my face but the Better Than Sex mascara is completely new to me and I’ve wanted to try it for years!

I’ve only ever owned 3 perfumes in my life (Beyoncé Heat, Alien & Love Overdose – in that exact order) and that’s because one I’ve fallen in love with a scent, I’m pretty loyal to it, however, this year I was on the hunt for a cruelty free/vegan version and that’s when I came accross Sinner by Kat Von D. I can tell you it smells absolutely AMAZING! I’d say it’s pretty similar to Alien but even nicer, if that’s at all possible.


As a typical northerner, I have an unhealthy obsession with tea, which is why every year I ask for mugs even though there is no space left in my cupboard for them. My boyfriend has already said we’ll be fighting over the Navy Speckle mug every morning and although the Labrador mug would be even better with a chocolate lab on it, it’s still the cutest mug I’ve ever owned.

If there’s one thing I’ve always been terrible at, it’s drinking enough water in a day, so, I asked Santa this year for a snazzy water bottle and can you get any snazzier than a personalised metal one? Nope. The answer is definitely not.


Jingle Gin, Jingle Gin, Jingle all the way! Is it even Christmas without snazzy bottles of alchohol? I know some may say Lemon drizzle is quite a summer flavour but LOOK HOW PRETTY! I remember about a year ago standing in Waitrose admiring this particular gin, how beautiful the bottle was and how delicious it would be over some ice but for some reason never got round to buying it but now it’s here and I can’t wait to try it!


You can’t really see from my pictures but an absolute MUST on my Christmas list this year was a leopard print skirt. Leopard print is the new black and this Quiz: Towie skirt embodies that beautifully. Expect to see it all over my feed in the near future.

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful Warehouse Casual Shoppers bag. I’ve always dreamt of being a stylish Mary Poppins and now that particular dream has come true. This bag is absolutely perfect for daily outings and travelling.

I hope this list gives you some Christmas gift inspiration, whether it’s for yourself, family, significant other, or a friend. If you’d like to start thinking of your own Wishlist, there’s no better place to start than the Debenhams Christmas Hub.

Merry Christmas everyone! 


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