About me

Welcome to A Yorkshire Soul

My names Lauren and I’d probably best describe myself as a loud northerner who has an unhealthy obsesssion with pizza, dogs, Prosecco and all things Friends. I currently live in Hampshire with my boyfriend, our puppy Indiana Bones (I didn’t pick the name but have grown to love it!) and our hamster Luna.

I started A Yorkshire Soul about a year ago as a way to share all my crazy ideas and passions; mainly focusing on lifestyle, beauty, mental health and travel.

From the beginning…

I grew up in the wonderful city of Bradford, West Yorkshire and never really ventured out of it until I travelled away to University. In reality, I never actually planned on going to Uni as I didn’t think I’d survive without my mum making me tea in the morning and also there was a boy but then I had a life changing epiphany (basically, we broke up) and I wanted to move as far away as I possibly could, which is when I came accross a little town called Farnham (which is basically a posh, southern version of Weatherfield – Coronation Street) I’d never heard of it which led me to believe it was far far away. That’s why I applied to the University For The Creative Arts to study journalism (I’d always known i wanted to be a writer, mainly creative but I thought journalism would pay the bills and I could write a book on the side – how wrong was I?) Fast forward 3 years where I graduated with a healthy 2:1,  met a boy (who still to this day puts up with me) and decided to stay down South. I’ve had a few jobs since graduating, mainly in admin which I really enjoy but doesn’t really stimulate me, creatively which is why I decided to start a blog.

I’m not expecting to change the face of blogging or for millions to read what I blab on about but blogging brings me so much joy and if something I write inspires or helps one person; then I’d call that a huge success.


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